Biographies of Directors
Position Name Education Backgrounds Experience
Chairman Daniel Lee NPO Section, EMBA of National Cheng Chi University (NCCU)
  • Sales Manager of Long-Ying Co.,Ltd.
  • President of APEX Medical Corp.
  • Chairman of Ya-Chuang Investment Corp. 
  • Director of Ya-Xin Investment Corp.
  • Director of Ya-Sheng Investment Corp.
  • Director of Yan-Cheng Technology Corp.
  • Executive Director of National Association of Small& Medium Enterprises (NASME).
  • Director of Taiwan Excellent Brand Association (TEBA).
  • Honorary Chairman of Welfare Organization for the Elderly, Taiwan (W.O.E.T).
Director Charles Liu EMBA, National Chung Hsing University
Ph.D, WISE Xiamen University.
  • President of APEX Medical Corp
  • President of Ya-tai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Director Representative of CDIB Capital Growth Partners: Eddie Wei M.B.A. of National Chiao Tung University
  • Independent Director, Amtran Technology co., Ltd
  • Board member of Intumit Inc.
  • Director , Solartech Energy Corp.
Director Representative of National Development fund, Executive Yuan: Liu, Der-Zen Ph.D, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, National Central University
  • General manager of Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center
  • President of Hsuan Chuang University
  • Dean of Research and Development, Taipei Medical University
  • Professor, Graduate Institute of Biomedical Materials and Tissue Engineering, Taipei Medical University
Independent Director Wan-Ying, Lin Boston University
  • Associate Professor of Accounting Department in National Cheng Chi University (NCCU).
Independent Director William Wang Ph.D, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Colorado,USA
  • President of Crystalvue Medical Corporation
Independent Director James Wang EMBA, National Taiwan University.
  • Chairman ,Les enphants Co. Ltd.
  • Director , Lixiang Co. Ltd.
  • Director , GigoToys. Co. Ltd.
Independent Director Tien-Fa, Lin Bachelor of Pharmacy Department, Kaohsiung Medical University
  • President of Raint Social Enterprise.
  • President of He-Mu Investments Co. ,Ltd.
  • Director of Welfare Organization for the Elderly, Taiwan (W.O.E.T).
Independent Director LEE, HSIUNG-CHING EMBA, National Sun Yat-Sen University
  • Representative of Juristic Person Director, Advanced International Multitech Co., Ltd.
  • Director, LiYu Technology Co., Ltd
  • Chairman, Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry
  • Chairman, YongXingHeng Investment Co., Ltd.