Optima Turn User Story

“For Ms.Chen, it is Wellell’s warm companionship that supports her life while taking care of her husband.”That night, my life has totally changed “Ever since the incident, even now, I still blame myself”During his business dinner, the accident happened and he has been incapable of performing daily activities independently.

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Thank You Healthcare Heroes!

Thanks to our global team (Wellell UK, SLK Germany, and HQ Taiwan) showing great efforts to shoot the footage simultaneously from three countries and put together this video.

Instead of expressing our respect as well as gratitude to the dedication of front line healthcare professionals, Wellell will also provide our support to those daily healthcare heroes! 

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UK - Residential Care Home

In our UK Residential Care Home, we deeply understand the responsibilities and hardships borne by our nursing staff. They are the cornerstone of our facility, tirelessly caring for patients day in and day out, offering them love and support.

We recognize that long-term care work can bring certain pressures and burdens. Therefore, we are committed to providing a supportive and encouraging work environment where our nursing staff feel valued and respected. We listen to their needs and suggestions, ensuring they receive the necessary support to cope with daily challenges.

Wellell believe that through effective tools, we can help our nursing staff alleviate work pressure, increase job satisfaction, and ultimately provide higher-quality care services.

Germany - Residential Care Home

Caring for Heroes, Mobility Made Easy.

Moving patients is an important and arduous part of a caregiver's daily routine. We know that the work of nursing staff is not only about technical and medical knowledge, but also about taking care of patients in need with selfless dedication.

When caregivers are faced with a patient who needs to be moved, the lift becomes their helper to ease the workload. No more pushing, pulling or lifting, so the caregivers can focus more on caring.

Every caregiver deserves to be cared for and appreciated. Let's show some respect to these silent heroes and to make our lifts as their right-hand man while improving their work to be easier and more efficient.

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Taiwan - Residential Care Home

An experienced nurse tirelessly cares for patients every day, shouldering heavy responsibilities. Especially when helping bedridden patients turn to prevent bedsores, this work often requires significant physical effort, increasing the risk of occupational injuries.

However, the turning air mattress is designed to alleviate the burden on these unsung heroes. Its automatic turning function not only improves work efficiency, allowing nurses to focus more on other caregiving needs, but also enhances the quality of life for patients. Making nursing work lighter and more efficient, and making patients' lives more comfortable, is our unwavering mission.

We are dedicated to supporting these selfless nurses, creating a healthier and better life together.