2023 Dec 01

Essay Collection Station- #Wellell Caregiver Story Sharing

Essay Collection Station- #Wellell Caregiver Story Sharing 📝

🙋 Have you ever been a user of Wellell's pressure-reducing air bed or ROHO floating cushion, or have you ever used Wellell's products to take care of your family?
👉We are soliciting for #Wellell caregiver story sharing. You are welcome to share your true story. As long as you share your real experience in the Taiwan Wellell FB message box, you will have a chance to get a Wellell bear🐻

∎12/22 (Friday) Select 2 people in the comment area to receive Wellell cute bears, and 8 people to receive Wellell brand gifts (canvas shopping bags, umbrellas and other gifts will be given randomly)
∎Deadline: 12/15 (Friday)
∎Reward day: 12/22 (Friday)
Messages must comply with the posting standards. If there is any violation of the above standards, the message qualification will be deleted.