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Life, joy, and well-being for everyone are Wellell's source of motivation

Becoming Wellell, the wellspring of well-being.

30 years of improving patients and caregivers' quality of life globally and, 30 more in aiding inpatients, outpatients, and those who support them to live a healthy, carefree life. Wellell's evolution of becoming the wellspring of well-being for the world has begun. Join us!

A healthy, carefree life for all patients and caregivers.

Founded in 1990, Wellell is a global leader in medical solutions for post-acute care and acute care. Hand-in-hand with our trusted global partners, we're improving clinical outcomes and enhancing digital well-being for all, powered by digital healthcare services.

Advancing acute respiratory therapy with Optima Prone.

Healthcare providers endorse bundling prone positioning and high-flow oxygenation therapy for critical care and COVID-19 patients to improve lung secretion drainage, airflow, and oxygenation. Early facial pressure injury interventions also boost treatment outcomes.

30% of global pressure injuries are irreversible, costly (up to USD 3260), delay recovery time, and could result in death5. Intervene early with pressure redistribution.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) affects an estimated 1.5 billion adults globally and imposes a significant risk of developing chronic cardiovascular diseases, cognitive impairment, and metabolic dysfunction. Most importantly, when OSA is left untreated, it decreases the quality of life and mental health and increases morbidity and mortality.

Venous thromboembolism (VTE) — includes deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) — affects 1 out every 1000 in-patients in the US and is the second leading cause of medical complications resulting in lengthening hospital stays.

Patient care education made accessible to everyone.

Learn about the latest medical information and insights on pressure injury prevention, sleep apnea, post-acute care, acute care, and digital advancement in healthcare. Staying informed helps with making better prevention and treatment decisions.

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For Ms.Chen, it is Wellell’s warm companionship that supports her life while taking care of her husband.That night, my life has totally changed “Ever since the incident, even now, I still blame myself”

Wellell focuses on leveraging technology, connectivity, data, and design to remove the socioeconomic barrier in delivering high-quality care across different regions and subgroups, helping healthcare providers broaden their reach, simplifying care management and experience, and improving patient outcomes.
After an exciting 30 years of delivering trusted, innovative medical equipment around the world, Apex is proud to announce they are rebranding as Wellell, bringing a healthy and carefree life to everyone, everywhere.
When first stepping into the global arena in 1990, APEX set out to deliver trusted, innovative medical equipment around the world. Since then, we’ve achieved more than we ever imagined, as our leading healthcare products improve quality of life for patients and caregivers globally.
Taiwan Excellence awards Wellell's Optima Prone for its contribution across medical centres worldwide in improving prone positioning ventilation care delivery and experience for healthcare professionals and patients. 
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