Article 2022 Apr 01

3 ways to improve your sleep quality today

Eat earlier 

Leave at least a 3-hour window between your last meal and bedtime to give your stomach enough time to digest the food properly.1 Indigestion can make falling asleep and staying asleep more difficult. 


No screens before bed  

Blue lights from electronic back-lit devices like cell phones, tablets, and computers decrease sleepiness so, it is best to avoid them before bed.2 Consider keeping your electronic device away from your sleeping area to reduce the urge to use them in bed and invest in analogue alarms instead of relying on your smartphone. 


Build a bedtime ritual 

End your busy day with some wind-down time to help calm your body and mind and prepare for a well-rested night. Trying to relax with a warm bath, read books, listen to peaceful music, or meditation. Avoid activities that raise the heart rate, like exercising. 

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