Article 2023 Jun 20

Seat inflation mode avoids bottom out and further pressure injuries

Fowler’s position is a bed position wherein the head of the bed is elevated 

Fowler’s position is a reclined position with the back between 30° and 60°, used to facilitate breathing, eating, and other routine daily activities in frail and elderly patients.1  

Bottom out is a clear indication that pressure redistribution is inadequate 

A further problem with air mattresses can be the fact that sitting up in bed can significantly decrease the effectiveness of an air mattress, and there is a potential to bottom out where the section under the sacrum is under greater pressure and allows the sacrum to sit down into the cells. The weight of an individual, as well as weight distribution and shape, may cause support surface deformation beyond critical immersion whereby effective pressure redistribution is lost. It is important that routinely check for bottoming out of the support surface.2 

Seat Inflation function avoids bottom out 

To avoid the situation of bottom out, our support surfaces provide an Auto Seat Inflation function or seat inflation mode. Auto Seat Inflation function automatically inflates when the head section has been raised by ≥ 30° and provides extra support in sacral area during sitting position. When the patient is in a fowler’s position for steady support, caregivers could choose seat inflation mode to avoid bottom out. Seat Inflation function provides excellent support for the patient in sitting-up position without bottom out. 

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