WiZARD 520

Maintaining sleep-disorder breathing therapy efficacy all night — Improving experience and outcome for open-mouth sleepers.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) affects over 1.3 billion people worldwide, and the countries with the highest prevalence report over 50% of their population suffering from a lower quality of life due to OSA.1  Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a widely prescribed therapy for treating sleep-disorder breathing but, long-term compliance depends on the comfort and conformity to the user's face during sleep. Over half of nasal mask users report side effects, including air pressure leaks, dry mouths, and irritated airways.

Full masks are a feasible option for users who breathe with their mouth and nose while maintaining CPAP treatment properly.2  WiZARD 520's comfortable and user-friendly design lets users complete their daily CPAP therapy noise- and stress-free, allowing users to sleep peacefully and soundly throughout the night.

Comfort and care for open-mouth sleepers

  • 3D-sculpted headgear made from breathable, elastic, and soft fabric allows easy tightness and placement adjustments. 
  • Ergonomic cushion fits comfortably over mouth and nose, providing reliable pressure environment, perfect for open-mouth sleepers. 
  • Mask's patented ventilation technology regulates pressure from expiration to eliminate noise for a quiet and soothing therapy. 
  • Snap-on and off parts and easy-release straps keep maintenance, cleaning, and storage effort and hassle to a minimum. 
  • Swivel elbow (joint between mask and tubing) with 360° range of motion allows users to sleep freely without obstructions. 

Elastic headgear gives users the freedom to complete therapy sessions without interrupting their daily routines.

Ergonomic fitted cushion over the nose and mouth maintains a comfortable humidity level all night long for better sleep quality.

Flexible tubing and low noise allow users a distraction-less environment to comfortably reposition and drift into sleep.

Compact size, simple assembly, and effortless storage make it easy to travel with and maintain on the road.

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