WiZARD 320

Comfort and stability for sleep-disorder breathing therapy — Improving sleep quality and long-term therapy compliance.

Sleep apnea affects over 1.3 billion people worldwide.1  Not getting enough sleep over time significantly increases an individual's risk of developing or worsening chronic diseases, including obesity, bodily pain, depression, heart disease (that leads to early death), arthritis, diabetes, stroke, lung disease, osteoporosis, and memory problems.2,3  Full masks provide stable air pressure and a humid climate for the nose, mouth, and airway, improving comfort to help individuals get the recommended 7 hours of sleep.4 

WiZARD 320's face-conforming cushion, zero-disturbance ventilation system, pain-free forehead support, non-magnetic snap-on and -off parts, and tubing safety valve improve ease-of-use and comfort, allowing users to integrate CPAP into their daily routine with confidence quickly.

Sleep with Open-Mouth Undisturbed

  • Cushion shelters mouth and nose with evenly distributed pressure against the area, supporting comfort for all user types. 
  • Proprietary ventilation system directs expired airflow away from the partner's face and eliminates noise pollution. 
  • Frame with flexible, breathable, and soft fabric keeps the shearing against the forehead to a minimum for a pain-free experience.  
  • Each part assembles easily with non-magnetic snap-on and -off joints, allowing hassle-free cleaning, replacing, storing, and transporting. 
  • Tubing's safety valve ensures users maintain adequate airflow and prevent choking when the CPAP machine powers off suddenly. 

Even distributing pressure across the skin around the nose and mouth ensures users hours of comfort and prevents markings.

Reducing noise provides the user and their partner with a distraction-free environment to fall asleep quickly.

Flexible and pain-free frames allow more mobility during leisure activities and sleep, improving the therapy experience.

Easy to assemble parts improves the convenience for maintenance, cleaning, packing, and replacing parts.

Disinfection Guide (Only For Clinical Use)

WiZARD 320

Increasing user experience and comfort by simplifying therapy process and improving sleep quality.

Do I need to buy a new mask if I lose or break a mask part?

No. Each part of the mask can be purchased and replaced as singular units so, no need to buy a whole new mask. We recommend avoiding cleaning the mask and the headgear with a high-temperature solution such as the dishwasher to prevent damaging the parts.

How do I can my mask, and how often should I clean it?

We recommend cleaning the cushion daily and washing the headgear weekly. Refer to the user manual for the complete cleaning instructions.

Is the WiZARD 320 mask suitable for people who are allergic to latex?

Yes. The WiZARD 320 does not have parts made from latex, PVC, or DEHP and is ISO 10993 biocompatibility test verified.

How do I disinfect my mask?
Where can I download WiZARD 320's sizing gauge?
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