WiZARD 310

Flexibility and comfort for getting better sleep every night — Simplifying sleep therapy routines and improving sleep quality.

Individuals with sleep-disorder breathing can experience improvements in their sleeping quality as quickly as two weeks of positive airway therapy and significantly reduce daytime sleepiness and its impact on quality of life. Factors such as properly minimizing breathing obstruction incidents, improving mask comfort, and reducing the risk of pressure sores, air leakage around the cushion, claustrophobia, nasal congestion, and additional complications from frequently treatment sessions drastically impact therapy compliance.1 

WiZARD 310 sits comfortably on the face and around the head, distributes pressure equally across the skin, guides and minimizes the noise from expired air, and assembles easy non-magnetic snap-on and off parts. Simplifying therapy routines and improving user experience and sleep quality.

Max Comfort for Uninterrupted Sleep

  • Ergonomic cushion fits comfortably over the nose and distributes pressure evenly, providing reliable facial support for all user types. 
  • Proprietory air ventilation design guides expired airflow away from the partner's face and minimizes noise disturbances. 
  • Quick and easy non-magnetic snap-on and off parts make cleaning, assembling, and storage convenient for home and on-the-go. 
  • Quick-release tubing allows users to remove the tubing for cleaning without the hassle of taking the mask and frame off. 
  • Flexible tubing supports stability for movements during sleep. 

Fitted nasal mask that conforms to the face ensures reliable therapy for the user to sleep comfortably through the night.

Minimizing environmental disturbances like noise and air leaks for the user and their partner means better sleep for everyone.

Tubing with high flexibility allows users to relax at the end of the day while receiving their therapy comfortably.

Parts that are easy to assemble, store, and clean motivate users to stay consistent in their therapy when travelling.

WiZARD 310

Increasing user experience and comfort by simplifying therapy process and improving sleep quality.

What are the advantages of nasal masks?

Nasal masks have a smaller skin contact surface area and are less bulky than a traditional full-face mask. They are a great option for individuals who are more likely to feel claustrophobic.

What can I use to clean my mask?

Hand wash the cushion and headgear with a mixture of warm water (30°C/86°F) and mild soap or diluted dishwashing detergent.

What do I do with the extra length of headgear after tightening it?

Aside from deflating individual cells to relieve pressure on the patient's vulnerable areas, caregivers can do the same but, with less intensity, for other body parts like the abdominal area, which is often protruding and easy to experience discomfort.

Where can I download WiZARD 310's sizing gauge?
How do I disinfect my mask?
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